Thursday, 26 April 2012

Filthy Gorgeous Magnetic Nail Polish - Swatch and Review

Retail Price - £12.00 (approx $19.50 USD) 

I am so excited to finally be reviewing this polish.  I got it a the Professional Beauty Expo in London last March and I am so excited to have discovered this brand!  The (awesome) FG girls demo-ed their magnetic polish for us and I snapped up this beautiful green, In A Trance, right away!  It's available at Debenhams  if you're looking to get some for yourself!

It's even pretty without the magnet magic!  I did one coat of plain color, and then used my magnet on the second coat.  It's pretty simple.  I found that you got more intense shapes the closer you hold the magnet to the nail, but be careful you don't actually touch the magnet to your wet polish!  The lid has a little ridge that you can rest on your cuticle which simplifies the process.

As you can see I've accidentally smudged my polish with the magnet before! ;)

Ideally, you want to hold the magnet a little closer to the nail than I'm showing here
The formula was really easy to apply and I am so so impressed with the finished product.  They look kind of surreal and super metallic and futuristic.  I was always dubious about magnetic polish because I figured I could recreate the look myself with sponges and brushes, but the fade is so soft and perfect.  I'm happily surprised!

The shape that shows up on your nail is from the magnet that you use.  I tried experimented with holding it over the nail in different ways, but I think if you want to try different shapes, your best bet would be to buy different magnets.  China Glaze has an awesome set that comes with three different shapes of magnets, I think that would be your best bet.

My final tip for getting the most out of your magnetic polish?
Don't skip the top coat!  It really brings the mani to life and makes the polish seem like it's almost glowing.  I'm also deeply in love with this Filthy Gorgeous top coat, but sometimes the round bottle rolls over and spills everywhere.  Tragic.

My final verdict on this polish?  I effing LOVE IT!  It's a bit pricey, but the quality really shows.  The color is great, application is simple and I've been staring at my nails all day.  I did have a bit of tip wear the second day, but it wasn't anything major and I did skip basecoat.  Overall, though, I am thrilled with this purchase!

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  1. really great! i bought the saturdays one from superdrug and it looks exactly the same! i also got a magnetic polish ffrom number 17 and their one is amazing!!!
    thank you again!